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24-bit won't save transparency?

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Why is that exactly? That's a problem for anyone interoperating with things like PAA file formats, Arma 3, etc. 24-bit is widely considered 'the' PNG way to go, including transparency, for that to be broken... surely that is a bug or oversight.

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That's how the PNG specification is defined.

The specification has long been standardized by various organizations including: Internet Engineering Task Force, World Wide Web Consortium, International Organization for Standardization, and International Electrotechnical Commission.


If Arma 3 is deviating from the standardized specification, it would seem they are the ones with the bug.

Or maybe you are mistaken that the PPA format is PNG-based.



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24-bit won't save transparency?


8 bits for each RGB channel = 24 bits. Am I missing something?

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If you're saving PNGs with automatic settings, it chooses the minimum bit depth required. If you want to ensure things are 32 bit, you have to choose the setting while saving.


An additional pitfall is saving images that have transparency with automatic settings: if the transparency is 1-bit i.e. purely opaque or transparent, the file might get saved at a lower bit depth if it has few colors and some game engines can't handle those files properly (Binding of Isaac sprites come to mind), even if they look right in editor.


Tl;dr just choose 32 bits while saving

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