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Free Rotation & some features

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I want first to thank all that made this project possible.


I am on the latest version 5.0.6 and I wanted to ask how or if it can be added:


- free rotation (with mouse / pen / slidebar) + rotation on X degrees (so that I can say, for example, rotate 23º) -> not the same as selection, as the selection doesn´t change the image size with the rotation and crops the selection (maintaining the image size)


- move and resize a selection (displace or change the size from the selection "border / limit" itself, not the content. Sometimes we make a selection but it´s not quite there and at the present moment we can either move the selection + content or make a new selection. We can´t make a selection like a rectangle and then change the form or size)


- lacks remove "jpeg artifacts / blocks"


- lacks a photo grid maker, it would be fantastic. There are multiple solutions for android and some for windows, but it would be great to have them on Paint.net


- UI update (I know, it is a lot of work, but I think it needs it sometime in the future)


- Acquire function cannot access PC´s cameras: most PCs have a webcam and there are tones of "Surface Pro"-like devices with high quality cameras. It would be great if I could directly from Paint.net to acquire a photo from the main camera (example a document) and edit it directly


- following the previous point: a tool to correct the perspective (similar to what exists on Samsung android phones: you shoot a document or painting, then it allows you do say where are the edges of that and it corrects the perspective)


Thank you very much.

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