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Roleplay: Endsong <Brainstorming Story> :game:


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Everyone gets to participate, not just the accepted applicants.


All those who posted their applications in the first thread were accepted even if they aren't in the list.

Now, their has to be at least 2 groups. Two of these has to have a goal that will go against each other. We need names for these two groups and also possibly the name of the planet we're in since this is an alternate reality. One of these groups has to reach their desired goal and the latter won't be able to. I don't really encourage the stereotype ending of the good group destroying evil to live in a happy place etc. etc.

Follow this application if you want to participate in the brainstorming.

Good Group's Name:


Win or Lose:

Evil Group's Name:


Win or Lose:



Good Group's Name: Superhero Co.

Goal: To get the Eternium Trinket.

Win or Lose: Will be on the 'winning' side during the beginning and rising of story but will lose the climax

Evil Group's Name: Clockwork Fyr

Goal: To destroy the Eternium Trinket

Win or Lose: Will be on the 'losing side' during the beginning etc. etc.


Eternium Trinket has to be in space.

I will choose the best of the best applications and blend them together to make the storyline.


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