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Photo Manipulation Contest #7 [Nature Morph] VOTE NOW!

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Photo Manipulation Contest #7: Nature Morph

Description: Basically create something cool or whacky out of stocks, creativity and your imagination.

Rules: These are the rules. If broken, your submition is disqualified

  • You must follow the weekly theme.
    You must follow the Paint.NET Forums rules, namely the image has to be family friendly
    Submition previews must not be any larger than 800x600, however you can link to a much larger version if you wish
    You must contain links to all stock used.
    You must not copy other's work or ideas. It must be original
    Your work must be created in Paint.NET

Prizes: Got to have a prize, right?

  • You get to choose next week's theme.
    More to come, Hopefully.

This week's theme: Nature Morph

Take a stock of either a animal, human, plant,insects or even a rock [Just make sure its part of nature] and give it a new look including things from other nature things. For example you can morph a human and a bee together.

Deadline: October 18th. I will start the voting on the 19th.

This thread is for submissions only.

Please use this thread for discussion

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Did not want to leave Acejase all alone here, but I actually saw this contest only late this morning, so you will forgive the many flaws :D

Do not know if any remembers this :

So, from the union of 2 socks of Dances With Wolves and 2 holed socks Wolf- o -vitz, this

abnormality was born:



the wolf:

plus the photo of Wolfovitz from "The Guardian" above,


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My vote (once again.. :D ) goes to LFC4EVER, my idea was funny, but the realization sucks.. but I posted a much better version in the photo-manipulation section


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