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[Suggestion/Plugin Request] Change Line Join Type for Shapes Tool

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Hello, first time poster here.


I've been playing around with the ShapeMaker plugin, and I find it annoying how sharp angles extend way more than they should. My best guess for this is that shapes use Miter join type, but the sharp angle thing goes away when changing the dash type.


Other than the problem I just mentioned, I just think that other join styles look cooler, especially when the outline is really thick.

Anyways, my suggestion is fairly straightforward, allow changing the line join type in Shapes/Curve tool to something else other than Miter. Some programs already have this feature which fixes the problem I have.


What's interesting to note is that this feature already somewhat exists for the Curve tool. Changing the cap styles from flat to something else changes the join type to round.


Would be nice to see this feature added to paint.net, I understand if this is not worth adding though. Thanks! 

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20 hours ago, Amari said:

is there a way to apply this to shapes?


Yes, put your shapes on separate layers ;) Either export them to a new layer, or even better - create them on their own layer in the first place. Then you can run one of the Object > Outline plugins over the Shape.

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