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Hello community,

I needed a simple Venn Diagram so I made one by overlapping two circles and adjusting the layers transparency. This method works OK but I decided to venture into SHAPE MAKER and tried making a Venn Diagram Shape, after a couple of hours 🤪I ended with two overlapping circle shapes that actually work. You can see the result in the upper part of the image. The only problem is that the distance between the circles is fixed and the colors are limited by the primary and secondary colors (there is a hole in the middle). I would like to make Diagrams that look more like the ones on the bottom with more than two colors (the middle color is a mixture of the two other). I have searched in the plugins index but did not find a tool that could create them easily so if you know of one please let me know. I know that it is possible to make this type of chart in Powerpoint or Excel but I wish I could make them in Paint.net.





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Hello @Welsh Yellow Cheddar :) 


You could make a template first, save to .png, then use it to change the outline colors as needed.


First make the template:





After which save it rings and then you can color the insides as needed:





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How I made Jennifer & Halle in Paint.net

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You can sort of achieve the bottom result by doing the following:


Create new layer

Draw Yellow eclipse, filled (with or without border)

Create new layer

Draw Blue eclipse, filled (with or without border) Make sure it overlaps the Yellow as desired

For the layer with the blue eclipse, press the F4 key.

Set the layer Blend Mode to Multiply


Voilà, which is French for... And then I made a circle.



If you need to make reusable images that you can change the borders for, then add more layers creating various borders and set the visibility to on or off when you need them. Remember to name each layer so it will be easier in the future. ie Border 2px... Border 3px... etc



Edit: @Pixey has a great idea for a template

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