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Feature Request: resize frame by dragging corners

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In mspaint you can crop or expand the picture frame by grabbing the little dots at the edges of the canvas, and I think it would be really useful in this. I tried searching for plugins that did just that, but couldn't seem to find anything. Additional request I guess: being able to save preset canvas sizes to choose from, instead of typing them out. btw, I use this as a drawing program, I assume most people just use it to edit stuff, so they just get the resolution they need when they paste in the image they're using. So that's the reason why I'm requesting these, as I just open the program as it comes, then have to manually type it in. A fast way to quickly change the size would be cool. It could be better than mspaints if the left and top side of the picture could be dragged, as you can only change the right and bottom side.

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I understand what you mean. But for now, we use the selection tool to draw an area then use the Image menu and Crop to selection. You can fine tune the selection by clicking the Move Selection tool, adjust the selection area then crop.


This is aside from what you already mentioned which is Image menu, canvas size and type it in.

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This has been requested a handful of times over the years and the answer has always been no. This will not be added to Paint.NET. So please do not hold your breath, so to speak.

The Paint.NET Blog: https://blog.getpaint.net/

Donations are always appreciated! https://www.getpaint.net/donate.html


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12 hours ago, yv777 said:

Additional request: being able to save preset canvas sizes to choose from, instead of typing them out

You could create template .pdn files of the preset sizes you want and open these.

See here:



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