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gradient transparency

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Hi there!

I've been using Paint.Net for some time now, and recently started doing some advanced stuff. I must say its a very powerful little program!

But right now I got a problem that I can't solve to my satisfaction:

I want my image to have a gradient transparency that depends on the colour.

For Example: White should have a transparency of 0%. Black should have a transparency of 50%. The colours in between should get a transparency depending how on how they are aligned between these two colours. So, e.g. a medium grey should have a transparency of 25%.

The Paint.Net Transparency Gradient tool, is close to what I want. But it only has predefined shapes.

With BoltBait's Transparency I can get what I want, by selecting areas with the magic wand and assigning the intended transparency. But it requires a lot of time to get the transitions between the different transparencies smooth.

Can someone help me with this problem?

P.S.: English is not my native language, so I'm not sure if all of the foreign words are used correctly :)

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Greetings Renegade.

Have you tried setting the colours in your Color window to your desired transparency? Just click on the More button to reveal the colour variables, including transparency (the alpha, as it is also called). You can then set each of the primary and secondary colours to the required transparency, drawing your gradient thereafter.

Does this help you?

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Interesting function. But it did not help me.

But that transparency is called alpha did help me :) Yeah, I'm a noob concerning these things.

With this info (and a lot of try and error in codelab) i managed to write a plugin that does what I want.

Thanks for the help!

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I already installed some of pyrochilds plugins, and didnt want to clutter up my Paint.Net with too many plugins.

Well... this was a failure. Curves+ is awesome and exactly what I wanted. And much easier to use than my version.

Thanks BoltBait!

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