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Dragging Layer: Mouse does not Coast

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Let me start by saying, please dont hate me for being a PITA.... I have several images with numerous layers. While dragging a layer say towards the top or bottom, I can only drag the layer to whats visible in the layer list. Then I have to scroll, then drag some more etc.... The mouse does not coast when left click + hold + drag. Is this something down the road we can maybe take a look at?


Its obviously not a show stopper. But lets put it on the annoyance list lol

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You can scroll when dragging by using the mouse wheel


Also if you want to move the layer to the bottom or top, there are commands in the Layers menu, or you can Ctrl+click the buttons (the tooltip calls this out)

The Paint.NET Blog: https://blog.getpaint.net/

Donations are always appreciated! https://www.getpaint.net/donate.html


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Thank you! That is very helpful. Problem solved. Those up/down buttons are really small. With my vision those arrows look identical to me :D Thanks again!


I was reading the documentation to see if Home/End or Pg Up/Dwn would work...

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To piggy back on the subject is the only way to move the active layer to click it? 


IE moving from layer 3 to 4 so I can pick a color on 4, then move back to 3 so I can fill in a shape on 3. Then I have to go back to 4 to pick the color again, back to 3 to fill. So on and so forth. 


It's a lot of clicking, and I didn't find any hot keys in the documentation. 


Thank you. 

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2 minutes ago, BoltBait said:

Nope.  Try this:

The request is to move the selected layer up or down, not to change the selected layer.

It would be great if there were Shift shortcut key combinations for:

Move Layer to Top     Shift+Ctrl+Alt+PgUp
Move Layer Up         Shift+Alt+PgUp
Move Layer Down       Shift+Alt+PgDn
Move Layer to Bottom  Shift+Ctrl+Alt+PgDn

which neatly mirror the Go to Layer shortcut keys.


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32 minutes ago, CircleBox said:

Nah BoltBait got it.

Yep.  Apologies to @BoltBait for doubting his answer 🤔

It would still be great to have shortcut keys for the Move layer commands.

It is of course possible to use Alt key combinations to activate the menus commands (eg. Alt L T / Alt L U / Alt L o / Alt L B ) but these are less convenient than shortcut keys when moving a layer up or down several levels. 

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