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Make a "Wave" with Paint.NET


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This will give you a cool looking "Digital Rose"

:FileNew: Open a new image. 800x600px

Add :Clouds: Clouds. Use the default settings

Add :Clouds: Clouds again. This time set the Blending Mode to "Lighten". All other settings are default.

Hit Ctrl+F to run the :Clouds: Cloud effect one more time.

Apply the :ZoomBlur: Zoom Blur effect.

Zoom amount = 100

Do this 3 times total.

:DuplicateLayer: Duplicate this layer.

On the top layer use the :Twist: Twist effect.

Twist amount = -35

Quality = 5

Now, on the bottom layer use the :Twist: Twist effect.

Twist amount = 45

Quality = 5

For the top layer, go to :Properties: Layer Properties. Change the Blending Mode to "Difference".

On the top layer use the :Median: Median Blur effect.

Radius = 5

Percentile = 100

:AddNewLayer: Add a new layer and :FillSelection: fill it with RED. Set the Blending Mode to "Overlay" in :Properties: Layer Properties for this layer.


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I like jpope's idea. You could use it to make a marbles.


v An excellent open–source strategy game—highly recommended.


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"For infinite happiness," said the Spirit. "You can step out into it at any moment..."

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wth helio :shock: :shock:

that is sooo nice :P

can you make a tut of that? :D or don't u share your secrets :P

o yeah and about that rose :P

for a 3D look

just add reliëf :ReliefEffect:


dublicate layer :DuplicateLayer:

make first layer :Properties: overlay (maybe there is something better:P)

and do emboss :Emboss: on the last layer


or use both :D

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