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Make a "Wave" with Paint.NET


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Wow. It's great. Easy to use. Makes a pwetty rose for me:


I played with the contrast on this one. I also made a new layer which I messed up with different colors (brush) then to which I applied a gaussian blur (200) Then I twisted it (40, quality 5) and I got what's above.

Then I put the contrast to 75 I think, and got this:


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i have this program for 4 days now and i like it very much

this is a good tut and i just tried some stuf like the rose

the normal try


now i tried something else withit

got explane screen to



the first one was like a rose...

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free yourself from the box!

use a rectangle =D

my first attempt at this tut (i never follow them that closely XD)


oh and i must say GREAT tut, most on here suck tbh, but this was a really good one, im glad i found it =D


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