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Advanced Photoshop-like Grunge Texture


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This tutorial is available as a PDF. Click here to view or download it

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Okay now this is a texture i have been developing for a while now, it has major use of clouds and difference.

Plugins needed


Optional Flip Horizontal/Vertical

This is what you'll end up with


1. Run clouds on approximately these settings


2.Open Curves+ and change it to Advanced. MAke sure its set to IN:Luminosity and OUT: Alpha.Then set Make the line go like this


3. Duplicate layer and motion blur at around 50, centred unchecked and change the angle value to your choice.


4.Set blend mode to difference


5.Merge layers and open curves+ again move the line to about here now


Okay now this is your first cloud layer. The whole texture is made up of these layers

what we want to do is keep making these by repeating steps 1-5. In the picture above i have 8 cloud layers.

TIP: When a preview of clouds comes up, the more black the better, if it has really little black, reseed it.

Use flip Horizontal and Vertical to position your cloud layer so it covers the whole picture evenly.


6. Add a new layer and put it at the bottom, paint bucket fill the whole canvas in a really de-saturated colour OR for the noobs, pick a bright colour and go to adjustments> Hue/Saturation and set saturation to between 30-40. UPDATE: really saturated colours look cool aswell.


Hope you enjoyed it, and post your outcomes.

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LJ, I did one, but to be honest, had no patience to create 8 clouds layers. So while rendering the clouds for the 5th clouds layer, I set the mode to difference, and finally got "enough black". ;) Yeah, and then I did a bit on the backgrounds to have the colors close to what I wanted. ;)


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Great Tut!

My Try, A bit too much blurred but it looks good.

Btw: Maybe someone could write a Plugin to make it easier :D

Pfft, it's no fun that way :wink:


Hmm... yes... you're right :D

I'm still learning, trying to get better.

Critics, even bad ones, help me.

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