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Reducing Image Maintaining Resolution

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I have a png image which is 1600 x 675  and 96 DPI  which I am trying to reduce to 800 x 338.  Using the resize tool creates a very blurred image with much of the information unreadable as it's missing.


I thought that you only got losses on images when they are expanded as there is lack of information not when you reduce the size...


Is there anything I can do to keep the text readable?  I've tried various resampling modes and Best Quality seems the better one however still creates unreadable text.



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So... you're expecting an image to be just as sharp even though you've removed three quarters of the pixels that make up the image?


Imagine reducing the image even further... like down to 2 px by 2 px... do you think it could retain it's sharpness then?


Anyway, images can get sharper the MORE pixels they include, not less.


If the image is mostly text, it would be better to recreate the image at the new size instead of resizing a larger image.

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