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How do I remove isolated pixels island efficiently after using magic wand?

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I am pretty new on picture editing. And Paint.net is a great software and helped me a lot.


I am trying to make some portrait mod for a game, which including a lot of background removing. However the auto background remove function provided by Adobe Express is not ideal and I often have to manually to patch things up.


As mentioned in the title, how to remove isolated pixels island efficiently after using magic wand? some times the location is very awkward and I have to zoom out to remove couple pixels left by the magic wand.


After searching, I found a plugin PaintDotNetClusterClear. However the primary secondary colour thing got me confused. Maybe it's not what I want. Is there any other plugin can be recommended? Thanks!

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Thanks! I have found this one as well. However it was made 10 years ago and I was worried if it's still compatible.


This raised me another question. Will plugins ever be outdated?


Oh, I haven't read this part:


@toe_head2001 has recompiled this plugin to make it compatible with PDN 4.0+.


Oh, 1 sec, it's you...lol Thank you!

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