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Gridinsoft removes Paint.net

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I use Gridinsoft and last version 5.0.3 Paint.net is removed automatically, every day




---- C:\Program Files\paint.net\paintdotnet.exe ---- General Threat
    ProdVer: 5.3.8488.42200
    FileVer: 5.3.8488.42200
    Name: paint.net
    Signature verification: True
    Certificates: DOTPDN LLC
    NAC: 0E37B4001D9821EEB92BE29CFFA6AB2A:9
    MD5: A53D77764C69AA22E9CD560B425A1C87:106984
    RIC: 68E1DDE30480DC2E6B5E1423E536F140:77476
    RFH: 1536:ZXGhXIggyNEcVAMHTwAtNwUKMM%2BenpzjZbp2bx5:kITytApFUKjbobH
    SUBS: Win32 GUI
    PE: x64
    EP: 4883EC28E85B0200004883C428E97AFEFFFFCCCC4883EC28E8DB07000085C0742165488B042530000000488B4808EB05483BC8741433C0F0480FB10DF437000075
    EPSEC: 0
    EPRVA: 00001D84
    IBASE: 0000000140000000

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5 hours ago, Menno said:


I use Gridinsoft


Remove Grindinsoft, would be a good idea :)   Windows defender is sufficient for most people.


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How I made Jennifer & Halle in Paint.net

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I would just create an exception for paintdotnet.exe. Exclude it from scans and real time etc. As for Windows Defender. I used to think it was enough until I got infected with a zero day version of redline. All my Chrome passwords got hijacked. Just happened on April 8th. Real PITA that was.

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