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Layer blends for paint coloring walls, cabinets, and other features from a photograph

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I am looking for advice on what layer blend or other technique to use in order to create renderings from photographs showing different paint colors for walls, cabinets, doors, etc.  Using Multipy makes the colors too dark and it seems like the other blend modes in the layer properties don't really work on lighter colors.  For example, I have created the new layer and colored the areas with the new color I want to show with the new color.  I then go through the different blend modes but it just doesn't look right.  Ultimately what I am trying to do is replicate the paint color apps that try to show you different colors for your walls from uploaded photographs.  Any advice would be appreciated.   

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If you could post and example or two of type of the images you want to recolor, I believe it would help. Answering that kind of question in the abstract is difficult.


Also, have you tried Hue/Saturation or BoltBait's Hue/Saturation+? Those are what I often find produce the most natural looking color changes.

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  1. Add a new layer above the image.
  2. Set the Blend mode of the new layer to Overlay.
  3. Paint over the parts you want to recolor with an appropriately colored brush.


This technique is largely how I recolored this model from grayscale.


(original post from this thread : https://forums.getpaint.net/topic/118101-best-method-to-recolor-a-game-texture/)


More examples:


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