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Stadium shape

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Quiet often I'm using a stadium shape (there are several other names like pill shape)


Maybe an additional option could be added to the ellipse shape to add a length for the parallel lines between the half-circles (or also half-ellipses).
Or a complete separate shape which only allows half-circles and stretches the parallel lines.
For me this shape is so basic that I would prefer not to use a plugin.

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I think I am misunderstanding.... Once you place those shapes into your shapes folder they become built-in. If I press and hold the shift key the shape draws at the correct aspect ratio (proportions) just the same as the built in eclipse does.


** Edit: If you release the shift key before the mouse the shape wont render as seen on screen. It will snap out of place. You need to release the mouse button when finished then release the shift key. This is with any shape.


On that note @Rick Brewster you have my blessing to use, bundle etc anything I post on the forum. Shapes especially lol




Better version of the shape below... Cleaner and not as rushed



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