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Clone-Stamp Song - this straddles discussions & tutorials

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I composed the below rhyming song-tutorial for Clone-Stamp, but because I've never done a YouTube video in my life, someone with expertise in composing video's may wish to turn this Song-Tutorial into a Video-Tutorial.


Likewise, elsewhere on getpaint-forums, I once posted a crude pictorial tutorial for "Layers" which someone with expertise may wish to turn into a Video-Tutorial.


To the tune of: Yankee Doodle went to town


To anyone motivated to turn this song into a video-tutorial, its strongly advised that you sing it with slower emphasis on the parts which require emphasis for "teaching" purposes


(male voice) You got a pimple on your face - yankee doodle went to town
.....................You gotta cover it u-up - riding on a pony
(female voice) OK i'll get my cover-stick - stuck a feather in his hat
.......................And hope you then shut u-up - and called it macaroni


(male voice) ...You got a dirty shoe that's botching - yankee doodle keep it up
.......................up your pretty snapshot - yankee doodle dandy
(female voice) OK i'll click my Clone-Stamp tool - mind the music etc. etc.
.......................and show you i'm a hotshot! - etc. etc.


(remainder is female voice)

I left-click on my Clone-Stamp tool and - repeat tune: yankee doodle went to town
then i choose my Brush Size - riding on a pony
Then move my mouse to a cleaner section - stuck a feather in his hat
Where I grab a bite-size - and called it macaroni


Here's how i grab my sectional-snapshot - yankee doodle keep it up
Press & hold Control key - yankee doodle dandy (EMPHASIS ON HOW YOU PRESS/HOLD CONTROL-KEY)
While I Left-Click on my mouse - mind the music etc. etc. (EMPHASIS ON HOW YOU LEFT-CLICK MOUSE)
(Cuz I don't have a monkey!) - etc. etc.


I next release my sweaty buttons (Emphasis on how you RELEASE the YUCKY-SWEATY buttons)
And grab my mouse once mo-ore,
I slide my mouse to the dirty shoe
That shoe that I don't care for


As final step I Left-Click my mouse (Emphasis on how you LEFT-CLICK mouse)
to cover that ugly object
I keep on clicking Left-Click Left-Click
till i'm done with the project!



To really enhance the section that you just clone-stamped:
Lasso the entire area you clone-stamped,

then click Effects to choose Gaussian Blur of your choice.


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