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Request: Shorthand Hex Colors

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Let's make sure you understand what you're asking for...


With 3 character HEX codes, each R, G, or B range is limited to 1 of 16 possible values. So only a total of 4,096 colors can be represented.


16^3 = 4,096 possible colors


With the standard 6 character HEX, it's 1 of 256 possible values for each of the 3 (R, G, and B).


256^3 = 16,777,216 possible colors

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i'm not asking to limit the palette to 4096 colors. i'm asking for shorthand hex because sometimes i want to get colors like #112233 and it's faster to type 123, which in paint.net currently results in #000123. it's a standard color picker feature, in fact paint.net is the only program i use that doesn't have it (which is quite annoying).

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