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Combination Fill/Pencil Tool

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I don't think anything like this exists and I'm curious if it could even be created via a plugin.  What I'm looking for is a specialized tool that would perform a fill function if a user single clicks, but acts as pencil if the user drags the curser for more than one pixel.


Has anyone ever seen something like this or know if it would even be feasible? 

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Could you say why such a tool would be particularly helpful? What is your use case please?

It seems that you have a rather specialist need and there is also the risk in such a tool that when single clicking to initiate a fill you might accidentally move the mouse one pixel, which by your rules would draw a line instead.

I would use the shortcut keys to quickly switch between the Paint Bucket (Fill) tool and the Pencil tool:



Press the F key then click to fill.
Press the P key then click and move the mouse to draw.

It's easy to press the keys using one hand and move the mouse with the other.


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You are 100% correct I could use the shortcuts, and that's what I've been doing.  I also agree this is probably a pretty specific use case, but I've been doing some CG painting and found that in my workflow I only really use each tool as described (click-drag for pencil, and single-click for fill) so this tool would allow me to stop having to swap back and forth.


I will admit, this is me being extra lazy because I even bought one of those mini-gaming keyboards where you can map any key to any value (or combination of values) which as been a game changer. It let me put the P and F key's right next to each other...but I'm always interested in ways of working smarter, not harder and I honestly don't know enough about plugins and the like to know if something like this could even be created.

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