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Assistance required in turning a straight pathway into a curved one

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Hi i have been trying without luck to change a square based path texture into one i can conform to the the edges of a circular room for a top down rpg map

i have tried

ImageDistortion plugin (works to a point not sure how to meet it halfway) got it to conform to the poles of the circle but not the NE SE SW NW

Grid Warp plugin (this one might have worked if it functioned on selection and displayed other layers that were not being manipulated

Polar transformation (i feel like this one is suffering from the effects the whole layer not just your selection problem paint.net has across the board)

im not sure what im missing i feel like i missing somthing key
https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ZS3Qluqp5vRDYfvq6uzrIiPnWK8IoMG3/view?usp=sharing heres the pdn of my attempts
top and right side curved bits are from image disortion bottom is from polar transformation nothing from grid warp due to it being immediatly obvious it wouldnt work


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You're geting close with Polar Transformation ;)


Kudo for trying to solve this yourself and showing the results :star:


The trick is to create a vertically centred pattern the full width of the canvas (even larger than the circle). You can just make this out in the panning preview.




To improve on this, either make the canvas wider and use the same pattern full width of the canvas, OR tighten the pattern left-to-right (compress maybe 3x tighter).

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thanks that helped a lot

after doing as you said i found the stretch to the grating itself was warping perspecttive so i fixed that by cuting out the grating from the sides polarising then using the unpolarised grate texture repeated on a layer underneath the polarized outter grid



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