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Request for editable text

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This is a very useful tool in every day jobs on PC.


All OK with it, but have one request to add ability to reuse, delete, resize and edit the objects we have drawn on the layers.


Let say, we have added some text to the layer, saved. But later need to edit the text, but cannot, due to it is already a picture, not an editable object anymore.


Please check possibility to add such feauture to you app.


Many thanks to you for your job.

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I split off your reply from the announcement post for the 5.0.3 release. (I don't know why you would post your request there?)


Editable text as a built-in feature is already planned. It is a huge amount of work to get such a feature properly written, but it is in the roadmap. It will be awhile, so don't hold your breath.


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