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How do i make text visible on Paint.net

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We’re going to need more info. Can you show us some screenshots of the problem? While you do that, here are some hypotheses of the problem you might be having:


First issue I could think of is if you have any parts of the canvas selected, as if you don’t write the text in the selected area, it won’t render.


Another thing to take note is the text’s opacity is on/maximized.


The final issue I could think of is if your computer simply doesn’t have the power to display text, or run PDN actions in general.


In conclusion, I don’t really know much of the problem you’re having with the text tool. We need some more information.


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7 hours ago, Pharaoh said:

white background and my text is black and when i type the text will not show,


1.  Add a new layer Ctrl + Shift + N

2.  Make sure your primary color is black and not white and write text.


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9 hours ago, BoltBait said:

Try pressing Ctrl+D before selecting the text tool.


Like BoltBait says. If you're not writing when you expect to write, the two most common causes are you've got a selection somewhere, or you've got the the wrong layer as the active layer.

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