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Help with Recoloring Ganondorf's Hair Textures (Magic Wand not helpful..?)

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Hi all, I've been working on Recoloring characters in Super Smash Bros. Melee for some time now. I'm currently trying to get Ganondorf's Hair Color to change from Orangish to White/gray. Using the Magic Wand Tool always ends up selecting too much, or not enough of certain areas, and it's even harder to NOT select any part of his skin/face. At this point I honestly have no idea how to get the colors changed accurately. Will Link all images below.  Thank you!




Ganon white hair.png

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Have you tried adjusting the tolerance of the magic wand? The higher the tolerance is, the more areas are selected, and the lower it is, the fewer.


Although sometimes, it doesn’t select everything I wanted it to select, so I sometimes have to use the lasso select to select extra areas that didn’t get selected.


By the way, Melee is one of my favorite childhood games. I have a lot of memories with it. :)


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Posted (edited)

I have tried the tolerance, for these images it's still quite difficult. I totally forgot about the Lasso Tool, haven't used it before honestly.


Heck yeah! Melee is awesome, been playing it 20 years!


So I tried selecting the area, and used Lasso to help, now it became a cluster F after I edited the color...with my terrible selection skills lmao

Ganon White Hair unfinished (133 input).png

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It's looking like the only way to do it right is to select around the image just perfectly with lasso + magic wand, black + white the hair, then adjust levels.  I'm terrribbblee at the selection part though..

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I suggest you try BoltBait's Hue/Saturation+, which will let you conditionally modify color. Try setting the From Hue to 315 and the To Hue to 33. Then set the Saturation Adjustment to -100. (That's what worked for the small region you showed. You may need to play around with the settings to get the best result.)


You may want to first loosely select the region around the hair to prevent other features from being recolored.


EDIT: A useful trick is to put the recolored image in a layer above the the original image, then use a soft eraser to remove or reduce unwanted changes by letting the original image show through. Remember that reducing the Primary Color's alpha can be used to reduce the erasing strength, giving you more subtle control.


EDIT 2: I'll also add that a variation of the two-layer idea can be useful for recoloring. For the current example, recolor the whole image to gray by making it black and while. Put it in a layer below the original image. Now use the eraser to erase the hair in the original layer, letting the gray hair show through. I find it much easier to control the results when erasing then when using selections.

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I selected the face color with multiple selections (chain them together by holding down the Ctrl Key).


Each selection added can have it's own Tolerance - so fine tune each new selection using Tolerance before adding the next one. Each time you want the highest tolerance that does not include any hair (this is called Selection Building).


When I had the entire face selected, I added a new layer and filled the selection with a contrasting color to act as a mask.


Use either BoltBait's Feather Object or AA's Assistant to soften the mask edge.


Select the unmasked region of the mask layer.


Return to the Image layer & run Hue/Saturation to apply new highlights to the hair.


This was a rather rushed attempt. With care you should be able to make the edges better




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