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White text, how to turn white to another color?

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I wrote a lot of text (one layer with only wihte text) and now, because it can't be selected, how can I turn white color to any other color.

The issue: While writing, the anti atialising feature is ofcourse turned on, so I just can't select eveything and fill it with bucket.

Any ideas?
Can I somehow put filled layer above it, and do something with blend mode?
Or I select all white, then klick on the layer above and fill it with color then before merging both layers I do some bled effects of the layer above?

Thank you.

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Have you tried using the hue/saturation method? You can find it under the “adjustments” menu. From there, you can change the color, saturation, and brightness of an object/layer.


Try cranking the brightness all the way down. That way, the text will appear black.


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Assuming (as you seem to say it is) that the text in on a transparent background, the easiest method is to use Red ochre's Object2colour plugin.


The Hue/Saturation trick is even trickier for white text, since you must first add some color before it works. It can be done without plugins by first using Brightness/Contrast (or the Lightness adjustment in Hue/Saturation) to make the text gray, then running the Sepia adjustment to color it, followed by Hue/Saturation (perhaps twice to get full saturation). But why go to so much trouble when a plugin can do it in one easy step?


I'll mention one other method: create a new layer, fill it with color, then use BoltBait's Paste Alpha plugin to transfer the text's alpha into the new layer. Why use such a roundabout approach? you may ask. The reason is, you can fill the new layer with more than just a solid color. For instance, you could have a gradient instead, or something even fancier.


If you made the mistake of not using a transparent background, but the background is black, you can use one of the color-to-transparent plugins, such as my Color Clearer, to convert the background to transparent. That will also work with any fully-saturated-color background. However, if all you want to do is change white-on-black to color-on-black, just fill a new layer with color, put it under the text layer, and set the text layer's blend mode to Multiply. Then merge the layer down.


EDIT: I forgot to mention you can use BoltBait's new Apply Mask plugin in place of Paste Alpha to make the transfer-text-alpha method even easier.

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Solid background? Magic wand the background then invert with Ctrl + I. Press Backspace to fill with the Primary color.

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Not when you Feather it afterwards.....

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1 hour ago, MJW said:

Why do it the wrong way, then try to patch it up, when the right way is about as easy?


1 hour ago, MJW said:

the easiest method is to use Red ochre's Object2colour plugin.

Object2colour maintains the original alpha. I know I will appear biased but it IS the correct option for objects! 😇

The magic wand is a fantastic tool but pixels are either selected or not...admittedly I don't fully understand 'anti-aliased selections' ?.

256 levels of 'selectedness' seems like overkill when there is an alpha channel?



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39 minutes ago, Gusop said:

I really hope one day paintNET will allow to edit text

See https://forums.getpaint.net/topic/2940-popular-feature-requests/

> Ability to re-edit text, or "text layers", or some variation thereof -- This an enormous work item due to other plumbing that must be in place to enable it. This falls into the "yes I agree, and hopefully we'll have it someday." No solid ETA, but planned for a 5.0 or 5.x release. This is getting closer to reality, so hang in there.


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