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how to convert greyscale to black and white

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   I frequently have to clean up black and white electrical and mechanical line drawings and scan/ enlarge / cleanup tiny Asian product owners manuals.

I do this to make corrections.

Usually I convert PDFs using OCR to .docx .  The pictures are preserved but noisy and color noise is introduced

I am aware of the black and white function but it automatic and has no sensitivity. It usually makes lines and text jagged and thinner.

I frequently have to rewrite entire blocks of text because they become difficult to read.

The pictures within the .docx file are saved as .png format.

   Is there a better method of of making these PDF's editable  or at least improving the cleanup of the pictures that will not introduce color.

I hate PDF with a passion for this reason.

Gaussian Blur does not help ad it makes a lot of grey.

I only need smooth Black and White.

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There are at least two alternative Black and White+ plugins.  Both have a number of options for the recoloring algorithm.


If these don't do what you want, post a sample so we can see what you're working with.

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2 hours ago, MRGcav said:

What are the names of these plugins ? Please provide links.


Go to the Plugin Index and type in the keyword Black

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