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Roleplay: Endsong <Applications> :game:


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Let's see how this will turn out. Fill out this application and post it. If it's fit for the story, I will accept it. If not, modify it and I'll look into it again.


- No invulnerable beings of mass degeneration

:basically, beings that can otherwise destroy the whole universe with a snap.

- Stick to only one character if you want to apply. Don't send out applications filled with different characters.

How it will work:

You will continue the story in the form of a short paragraph. You can only manipulate the fate of your character so you won't be able to kill another one's character unless both of you agree. I will be the first one to start the story which will be a separate thread.

You will have to decide if you're a class 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 person. Class 1 being the person with the weakest power and class 5 being a person with a power of reality-changing etc. etc.

You can only be class 1, 2, or 3. I will turn you into a class 4 or class 5 person if I see to it that you will be a major character of the storyline I will compose.

Follow this application:







Name: Ether Flame

Power: Power to manipulate fire. Cannot generate fire but can extend a spark into a raging wildfire. Class 3

Skills: Hand-to-hand combat

Looks: A male, dark-orange suit and cloak. Short hair and average looking face. Orange eyes.

Side: Good

My application:

Name: Eternus

Power: Power to construct matter, concentrate dark matter into degenerating blasts and teleport. [basically- a cosmic being] Class 5.

Skills: None.

Looks: Distorted glowing translucent figure of a man.

Side: Neutral

List of Accepted Apps:


Zwicky - Apollo [C4]

Crimson - Anant [C3]

Stephan - Jean-Paul Stewart [C3]


jerkfight - Tick. [C4]

Crimson - Anant (in the future) - [C4]


Pride - Eternus [C5]


LFC4EVER - Assimilato [C3]

Overkill - Edwin [C3]


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Name: Apollo

Power: He can tell if someone is lying or not, human lie detector. Class 2 or 3. If upgraded to 4 or 5 he would possess the ability to force people to tell the truth.

Skills: Pick locks, been a gymnast for ten years ie backflips and awesome agility.

Looks: Dark short hair, short, he is european but very slightly asian as his grandmother was japanese.

Side: Good

EDIT - Is often frustrated because he is not valuable in a fight, often feels helpless, unlike his comrades ie Jean-Paul.


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Name: Tick

Powers: Ability to transform into two parts. One can transform into any weapon, the second to hold/operate the weapon. He also can transform into vehicles[Class 3], When his software is updated he is able to rebuild himself if destroyed [Class 4/5]

Skill: His thinking ability. He can crack problems, and puzzles in matter of seconds. He was trained by NASA. Also the steel used to make him can deflect lasers.

Looks: Small Robot, Crimson Colored.

Side: Self-Sided.



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Sounds interesting.

Name: Anant

Power: The ability to manipulate water in any shape or form (liquid, ice [class 2], vapor [class 3]). Not create water, but can condense water from vapor. He can cool H20 to 50 degrees Kelvin or heat to 2000 degrees Fahrenheit [class 4] and absolute zero to 4000 degrees Fahrenheit [class 5]. Currently Class 2.

Skills: Can hide in, under or behind just about anything. He was a thief once.

Looks: Black hair, slightly covering ice blue eyes. Pale skin. Black cloak, white cuffs. On one hand is a fingerless black glove.

Side: Good. But he turns bad later.

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Name: Jean-Paul Stewart

Power: [Class 2-3] Ability to handle any energy weapon and deal extreme firepower due to super conductive blood cells, constantly gathering (Not generating) electricity. [Class 4-5] Ability to shoot electricity à la Sith Lord, and slowly generating it himself.

Skills: Tactical supermind. Ability to handle any handhold weapon.

Looks: Short lightblond hair, strong posterior, with a small glow around him at all times due to gathering of electricity.

Side: Good

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This seems cool.

Name: Assimilato

Power: [Class 2-3]Gains the power of anyone who has a power within a 5m radius of him. [Class 4-5]Controls the four elements - wind, fire, water, earth

Skills: Understands how the world works, and what makes people tick.

Looks: Like a normal human being - a guy

Side: Undecided :twisted:

Merry Christmas


.::.My Gallery.::.Make Gold Text!.::.

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Anant application accepted and turned into C3.

Jean-Paul Stewart application and C3.

Assimilato application and C3.


Crimson, you'll be Class 4 once you're evil.

LFC4EVER, you can only absorb one kind of power and it won't be permanent. Although, you can choose not to absorb the power.

~List updated~

There will be a brainstorming thread for the storyline once this thread is finished.


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Hmm, judging by the author's signature, we have a mythical RP 'fanboy' among us .. interesting. :lol:

Name: Edwin

Power: Is able to generate black 'shadow like' masses which resemble smoke/fog in roundish figures. Power may have lethal outcomes/results. The power also enables the bearer to manipulate the environment (push/crush objects). Class 3, perhaps.

Skills: Able to blend in with the environment with the help of shadows and other dark spots. He's gifted with an intelligent mind which helps him maneuver in life threatening situations and in other matters. Eyes tend to flicker and glow in the dark.

Looks: Short brown hair, light blue eyes, virile figure. Dark clothes: black pants and a thin V-collared T-shirt. White shoes.

Side: Evil

Edit: I've decided - I'll be 'Evil'.



Yes, I'm a fan. ;]

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LFC4EVER, you can only absorb one kind of power and it won't be permanent. Although, you can choose not to absorb the power.

... Then the power kinda sucks with those restrictions. So.. can i choose a different power for Assimilato then? If i can, then:

Class 2-3 Power - Control of the four elements - fire, wind, water and earth

Class 4-5 Power - Telekinesis (Wiki this) and ability to force people to do things with the mind.

Merry Christmas


.::.My Gallery.::.Make Gold Text!.::.

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They would either be Class 3 to Class 5. Psychokinesis can be only weakened to Class 1 to Class 2 if they somehow got weakened by another power or a contraption.

If your power is general [Ex], then those classes can distinguish your power level. *ahem*


Okay, you can change the power of your hero/villain LFC4EVER.


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Pretty bored.

Name: Bob

Power: Assembles sandwiches at will (all classes).

Skills: Eating said sandwiches.

Looks: Short boy with medium length messy hair.

Side: Evil :twisted:

Call me expired. Please.


Don't go counting your chickens before the pack of rabid ravaging foxes attacks. -Sozo
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Sounds cool, Woot a fellow morrowind fan.

Name: Mirnir

Power: None

Skill: Extreme Agility and speed (not like Flash but like... assasains creed type of thing), Also incredible use of a bow.

Side: Neutral

Oh and i want to be a female... in this game thingo. :D

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I can see it now.

Joe looked around warily. He couldn't sense any danger. Better now than never, he thought, and he charged across the barren room. He almost reached the door, when...is that mayonnaise? Glob after glob of the sweet, white sauce struck Joe from all sides, gluing him to the floor. "No!" he exclaimed, unbelieving that he had fallen for a trap. Titanic portions of lettuce, tomato, ham and cheese soon joined the mayo, and the deathly sandwich was finished with two enormous slices of white bread, slightly toasted. Joe gave out a last scream, before he was smothered within.

Bob licked his lips. It was lunch time, after all.

I just came back from writing class, and we did improvisational writing. It hasn't worn off yet, so... :lol:

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Ahhh sweet I love these sorts of things

Name: Thasus

Power: If he touches an individual he can access thier memories for a short while[Class 2-3] In classes 4 and 5 he can have full access to thier memories and emotions by touching an indivdual, able to tap into what scares them most, or what they value most. [Class 4-5]

Skills: He is a superb talker, able to persuade others into his side of the fight, and almost indoctrinate the weak simply with his words. In other words, he is very persuasive.

Looks: Often wears a flowing dark green cloak and a mask desgined to look like a futuristic styling of a medaevil helm. Tall.

Side: Evil

Hope he doesn't sound too over the top, haha. :P Oh yeh and he is male, sorry to disappoint anyone expecting otherwise, hehehe.

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