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Goal: Try to survive and be the winner. Remember, your trying to impress me, so don't tell me something like, "oh this is my best avvie!". If I don't like it, then... :mrgreen:

What you do: Introduce yourself.

I will rate your avatars.

There are 3 rounds, after the first rating, 2 people with the lowest rate will be eliminated from the game.

This keeps on happening when only 3 people are left

Award: Nothing, just for fun. :mrgreen:

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I'm also in. I made it with Inkscape, but atm I dont't feel like searching for the original file on my machine but hey wait I think I got it on my website...


The render was made with Batik.

The website is completely in German, but if you like the style, you may visit it just for viewing the metal-style^^

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