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How to thin out textured lines in non standard shapes

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I'm trying to figure out a clean way to thin out a shape (in this case a hexagon).


I've done this in the past for a circle with the bulge tool.


But obviously doing this with a hexagon has the side effect of rounding the shape.



Is there a tool or plugin that can help with this?

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How about this:

  1. Draw a new hexagon on a new layer above (Shape Tool has a hexagon - but you need to rotate it 90 degrees).
  2. Make the new hexagon a contrasting color and the thickness you require.
  3. Center it over the existing hexagon.
  4. Select the new hexagon with the magic wand tool
  5. Invert the selection with Ctrl + I
  6. Activate the big-hex layer
  7. Press Delete.


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