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Even image is deleted, it still showing in there, trashing history.

Clear button aaaall the way down scrolling list.

Can i just somehow disable this feature so it simply always look like in attachment. Or clear history automatically on exit?

Putting registry keys manually on read-only not possible since its in root directory of paint.net, not in some kind of folder...


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41 minutes ago, xoyon54100 said:

guess i have to create some kind of bat file to clear.

You could use AutoHotKey https://www.autohotkey.com/ to easily script the pressing of "Alt F (File), R (Recent), C (Clear) and Enter (to confirm)".


46 minutes ago, xoyon54100 said:

In my language hotkeys way too far from each other from keyboard

Out of interest, what language/keyboard layout do your use please?

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On English/US/EU and anywhere using a English or using most EU languages keyboards the R, F and C keys are all in the same position.


You just have to hold ALT and press each in turn but TBH it is not much more effort or quicker than opening PDN's  Recent list and using the Clear List option.


However I would be in favour of a PDN settings option to clear history on exit, I could see that being useful.   



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On 3/6/2023 at 11:33 PM, Lemonade said:

one way to clear recent list:
press Alt once (you will notice under Menu bar all top-level menus File, Edit, View... will have one letter underlined)
then press F (File), R (Recent), C (Clear) and Enter (to confirm)


^ this.


Alt + F then R, C and Enter. Bingo!

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