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Soleil's Play of Light - Critique page 7?


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It's . . . watching you.



"Sunset," an experimental signature inspired by the ThatGameCompany style.




Sigs for the SOTW god, grey for the greyscale throne.



New logo. New name, "Rai Soleil". Image above is a link to my new online gallery.



WIP of my latest piece, "Precious". Original is 3888x2592, from photo. Only about halfway done - still needs shadows and light effects.

Spring '09:

Hidden Content:


The five elements of the mind - passion (pyro), logic (glaci), integrity (terra), creativity (aero), and wisdom (aqua). For an RPG, so DNU.



Currently . . . give me some advice on pg 3.



The island tex is from http://www.pixelhuset.se/pixelhuset.html, and everything else but the rust is PDN. It's an .apng, so you have to use Firefox and give it time to load all the frames. My fav so far.



Photoediting, on what's happened to the Sonic series. Click for larger pic on DA.



A vector piece, parkour themed.



Bullet holes + smudged blood.



Transparency testing, hand drawn with Bamboo tablet. I rather like it.

Fall '08:

Hidden Content:


An attempt at a dusty-atmosphered planet. Not as complex as Earth, and not quite as interesting, in my opinion.



Earth. Yes, that was all done in PDN. I think it looks pretty epic, but I might be psychotic.



A pair of swim goggles I did for a guy named Swimmer on another forum. Done in Inkscape, enhanced in PDN.



An image accompaniment to a poem I wrote.



A rose signature. Done in Inkscape, enhanced in PDN.



My main Soleil sig. Also comes in light gray for dark-background forums. Done in Inkscape, but I'll post it here anyway.



A blue Ford GT. (do they even make blue GTs?)

I also bid my salutations to the forum, and inaugurate my first post.


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You drew out the map of the Earth in your first image? That's pretty amazing. :shock:

Haha no. I'm not that psychotic. I got a satellite image diffuse land map, a cloud map, and a nighttime light map at 1024x512 and pulled them together using Shape3D and some fun with blend modes. The atmosphere and lighting, however, are all me.

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Thanks guys.

[quote name="pipp92"]love your work especially the glasses ;)[/quote]
That and the rose were probably the most satisfying because I drew them completely by hand.

[quote name="jerkfight"]You have to tell me how to make that planet :)[/quote]
Any votes for a tutorial?

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It should help.


Soleil, nice job on the planets! Great textures and nice compostition of the Earth. I'll look forward to seeing more of what you can do. Keep it up!

Thanks, and actually, it was mostly inspired by this, although that link looks fun too . . .

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Guess who has two thumbs and hasn't posted in a while . . . ?

Free time today. Made a Fire/Ice pair of my current sig + avatar. They look best on a dark background.



Which style is best? And moreover, are either of them better than the solid gray version? I'm going to try and add a background with effects and stuff once I decide which to work on, so don't mind the current lack of overwhelming artfulness. :)

[Edit] Better yet, I solved the issue of needing a black background by giving them a dark colored glow. These are better.



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I like this :)

J'aime cette version :) L'effet "enflammé" va bien avec le thème du forum :P


Try with black blue ;-)

Essaie avec un bleu plus foncé :) Là, l'image est légèrement trop flash, on dirait trop un glaçon (mais j'en conviens, ça va très bien pour l'hiver ^^).

PS : Simple mais efficace ;-)

PS² : Vu ton pseudo, je pense que tu es français ... J'espère ne pas me gourer ^-^

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So . . . yeah. Ton of homework for a few days. Came back, did this yesterday and this afternoon:


It was originally for a signature, but the level of detail at only 150px tall didn't cut it. And no, it wasn't done entirely in PDN (Inkscape mostly), but I feel like showing off. :)

@Ratchet Ranger: Non, je ne suis pas français, mais je sais la langue. Merci pour la critique, je pense que je vais utiliser la version glace.

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Wow. Gone awhile. Came back, picked up pyrochild's Smudge tool, and started playing around. Here's some tests:

Somewhere between cumulus and cirrus clouds. I had a better cumulus version, but I did something and Smudge crashed PDN. Oh well.


Some . . . sort of . . . fire . . . yeah. I'll work on that.


Lightning + clouds. Not horrid.


Some ideas I picked up from some DA tutorials.

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Wow, you're work is awesome. I love the planets, they remind me of Sozo's planets, truly awesome.

----------------. . . Smile . . . tomorrow will be worse . . .----------------


---------------------. . . I'm a guy of simple tastes . . .----------------------

-------------------.:My Forever Maturing Gallery:.--------------------

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