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Popping out of a picture

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Hi everyone... new arrival here...

Read this tut and thought of giving it a try. Haven't been editing photos before [just tried a couple of times] so it took me about a week to find what to do. Show my first attempt to some other people, and they gave me some ideas. So I came up with the frame and the twist...

I am not sure about my background though... didn't want just a black background [or other solid color] so I played around with some "buttons"

here is the result [scaled]


hope you like it...

any suggestions are welcomed

P.S. sorry for my English, haven't practice them for years...

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That's my try: (though I did not follow your tutorial but one I found for photoshop. that was ages ago ^^)


And that Portals-picture is really good! Especially the idea :D

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Great tutorial! :D

Move this layer above the black box layer. Then select the black box layer and use the magic wand to select the box. You can then use the "move selection" tool to elongate the box so that it creates a white frame around the picture.

How do you elongant it?

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