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The Most Copied Sig On The Forum (AKA the pyrosig)


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i cant get the evanescence font to appear in my text files

i put the 2 plugins in the filetype folder

if ur downloading the file into a zip file u have to extract it b4 u move it or else it wont work, if u just have the TrueType file, drag it into this folder~

Control Panel -> Apearance and Themes -> Fonts

or go Start -> Run then type in 'Fonts' w/o the '

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Hey there folks ;)

I'm new to these forums, and still learning paint.NET, but so far I'm loving it...:D

Here's my attempt at the pyrosig (Kudos to pyro for such a good lookin sig)


However, after messing around a little...and using Tom Jacksons excellent fire tut here...I've come up with this combination of the two styles...hope you all like it :D


...and yes, I will be using this as my sig on all the forums I use from now on ;)

"Do you know what the Chain of Command is?

It's the chain I go get and beat you with til' you unserstand who's in ruttin' command!"


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