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Environment.SourceImage and GPU memory use? 🤔

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        // Summary:
        //     Gets the source image to use with Direct2D.
        // Remarks:
        //     You should only retrieve this image if it will actually be used for rendering,
        //     as it will consume GPU memory once initialized.
        //     This is equivalent to:
        //     this.Environment.Document.Layers[this.Environment.SourceLayerIndex].Image


Should I be concerned about this? If I want to pass the current layer into a shader, is this the right way to get it, or is there some other, better way?


SrgbToLinearEffect background = new(dc);


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That's exactly how you use it :) 


Where you mostly need to be concerned is when you're using multiple layer images from this.Environment.Document.Layers[i].Image. You shouldn't grab all of the layer images, you should only grab exactly the layer images you need for rendering based on the property values in the token (from the UI). If an image only has a few layers, it's probably not a big deal. But if the image has 100 layers (which is not uncommon), you might run into trouble.

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