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How To Make iPod Ads

Dark End

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Well written tutorial, but I have some suggestions if you don't mind.

1. Altair shouldn't be 100% black. If you look closely at iPod commercials, you can always still see the outline of the features of the subject. This would make him look much more like what he is, an Assassin, with all of his equipment, rather than a plain silhouette.

2. Try to make the green background interesting. Normally the commercials don't just use a plain color, they have some sort of effect running in the background at low Opacity. Adding a horizontal line with gradienst or something like that will make it look less 2D, and keeping it at a very low Opacity will make it appear as part of the background.

Just something you might want to think about. You're the author here, so you can do what you want.

EDIT: Here's my take on it, using what I talked about (If you tilt your screen, or stand up and look down on it, you can see Altair a lot better)


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Ok heres my attempt at it, i used a picture of my sis jumping on a trampoline and..it took a lot longer then expected mabye 2 hours :oops: Painting in bettween the hair messed me up, i started useing one method then tried a different one..but eventualy it turned out ok.



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