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Power Reactor? (Stuff with hexagrid...)


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This tutorial is available as a PDF. Click here to view or download the PDF


Power Reactor (can't find another name)...


This tutorial will guide you to do something like this:




The result is in fact from the tutorial is this:




This tutorial mainly needs the hexagrid plugin. You could find it here:



You will need also the fast zoom blur (deluxe) plugin. You could find it here:





Create the background image : white 400x400 for this tutorial but bigger is better.



Add a layer (nr2). Select a mid grey for primarycolor (hex:777777).

Run the hexagrid:


...Draw Mode:horizontal centered

...Brush width:1





Add a layer (nr3). Select Black for primarycolor.

Run the hexagrid:


...Draw Mode:left

...Brush width:2





Repeat step 3, 4 times, increasing the size by 5, and the brush width by 1.

..1.Add a layer (nr4). Run the hexagrid: Size:55 ; Brush width:3

..2.Add a layer (nr5). Run the hexagrid: Size:60 ; Brush width:4

..3.Add a layer (nr6). Run the hexagrid: Size:65 ; Brush width:5

..4.Add a layer (nr7). Run the hexagrid: Size:70 ; Brush width:6




Repeat now for each layers 3 to 7:

...Zoom Blud Deluxe: All default values




Select layer nr2, and run the bulge effect.





Flatten the image.




Duplicate the layer.

Flip it horizontaly.

Set the blend mode to Darken (test all the mode...)




Flatten the image.




Play with the curves...




Duplicate the layer.

Set the blend mode to Lighten (test all the mode...)




...Zoom Blud Deluxe: Amount : 4 ? Rest : default values

...Repeat 3-4 times (Ctrl+F)



The final result is this:



Now post here your comments/works/ideas...

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Wow, I love how intricate that is when really it isn't all that complicated. I'll be using this, I'm sure!

Edit: I created the example almost exactly, then flattened it.


Then I duplicated the image, ran the "twist" distortion at 20 and 5 on the top layer and -20 and 5 on the bottom one, then set the blend mode to difference.


I thought that looked awesome.


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Really nice tut MadJik... you can make some great psycodylic 60 styles stuff with it. (note, I used a couple of other steps to get my results as well on these two)

the resized version, did everything times 2, and did a negiering layer as well.


and my centered version that I did goofing around with your tut (lens & majority plugins for desired effects)


btw bbq... yours looks very nice too m8 :) and awesome work on both david's and loaka's, those were some things I hadnt thought of... gonna give that a try as well next time


100% PDN

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I love this tutorial ^^

(I messed with some blending options, along with adding a transparent form of the cobble stone tutorial, to get that effect ^^)

Nice tutorial!

(First post ^^)



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I really got a kick from this tut... and really liked the ideas from david.atwell and loaka, it made me do another try using my green one that I already posted. Here are the end effects...


I also added a slight glow effect and if I remember right a slight lins effect as well.

Jude, who digs mind blowing colors


100% PDN

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@ Loaka... I just took the green/blue one I showed in my previous post and duplicated the layers using the same techs as you and david used. I dont remember, but I think I set the rotations a little higher. After flattening, I added a small amount of glow, and I think I did a slight lins effect on it. In the end before saving I opened the layer properties and Curves again and fiddeled around with them untel I got the color effect I thought looked best.

Jude, who dont remember every step he does


100% PDN

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lol... the potentials from this tut are amazing, I was sitting in front of the tube, my mind wandering because there was nothing really worth watching, and I got to wondering what else I could do with this tut. Needless to say, first thing this moring I opend my PDN and had another go with the effects. Then it hit me like a brick that had fallen from a 4th floor window.

I did several versions using the the original tuts results but the one that I like most was when I "borrowed" omgwtfbbq's that he posted. I really liked the way that bbq got his Davids Star to glow slightly in the light rainbow effect, and wanted to see what my idea would do to it.

Open effects---> distort---> polar inversions---> settings amount=150, quality=7


Jude, who hopes bbq doesn't mind


100% PDN

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