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Hello. Can you help me create a script, plugin, or another method? I have many scanned documents that I need to correct the levels on and then save as 1-bit PNG. I have tried various methods, such as searching for a plugin for scripts, batch processing plugins, and even trying neural networks, but my knowledge is below zero, and nothing has helped me. I hope someone can help me.juygfy.jpg

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Hello @MikhailG - welcome to the forum :)


In short, there isn't a way to automate this. Here's a workaround using keyboard shortcuts to make it as painless as we can.


Open the image (or a group of them). For each image...

  1. Ctrl + L open Levels. If you've already run levels and the setting don't need to change, Ctrl + F runs the adjustment again.
  2. Ctrl + Shift + S (save as)
  3. Make sure PNG is the filetype and confirm the filename
  4. In the PNG configration dialog, press Tab three times
  5. Press the down arrow until 1-Bit is shown as the bit-depth
  6. Press Enter to save.
  7. Repeat for all images.
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Thank you, that will speed up the work a bit, but editing 500-600 pages is still quite difficult. I have come across mentions of batch processing using plugins, scripts... are these just rumors, or did this work in older versions?

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