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Opacity/Width Change After Resizing

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I noticed that when resizing a selected portion of an image (particularly when decreasing the size) with a transparent portion included in the selection, the pixels would become far more translucent compared to resizing the same selection without including a transparent portion. This results in lines becoming wider and more faded/lighter compared to what I'd ideally like. This only became an issue for me after updating to version 5.0.1 from 4.3.12. Is there a setting for this (not sure if it's anti-aliasing or something similar to that)?

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Some screenshots would help to point out any of the differences you’re experiencing. Posting a sample image would help a lot too, that way I can load it up in the current version and the older version and do some comparisons.


Are you using the Move Selected Pixels tool?


There can be differences because of the default sampling mode being upgraded from Bilinear to Bicubic. You can try switching to Bilinear and see if that helps get the look you want.

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Thank you! It seems to have been the sampling mode for the Move Selected Pixels tool. I initially was not able to notice a difference when switching between Bilinear and Bicubic, but switching to Bilinear and then restarting the application fixed my issue.

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