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Cleaning up black spots from an Ink Outline

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I have an image here I successfully converted to an Ink Outline using the default InkSketch tool, but there are blotches of black throuhgout the image, is there a easy way to clean the image up and get rid of the black spots? also the image has not been resized or unblurred or anything like that, is that something I should do? 

InkSketch Outline.png

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21 hours ago, Pixey said:

Hello @GalacticDude542 and welcome to the forum :) 


You could give these two plugins a try:


Remove Dust


Content Aware Fill

Thank you very much, I have tried those plugins, the "Remove Dust" seems to work somewhat but I may need to play around with it more. Do you have any other suggested plug ins I could try, perhaps something to make the Image quality higher and less pixelated? Ive attached the photo and zoomed in to show what I mnean.

Screenshot (1549).png

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Try running Effects > Photo > Sharpen over the image.

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