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I have looked over the forums and still not clear. Tiling

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Been using the software a while, and I like it, but I need some help, or maybe I am just missing something.

Looking for a simple way to take a smaller png file, say 30x30 px, and tile it over and over into a larger canvas size, say 1000x600 px, to fill that larger canvas size with hundreds or thousands of the image and retain the properties of the original PNG (transparency, color, and shading).  I see ways to tile larger pictures into smaller and all manner of listings on the tiling subject, none seem to be what I am looking for.

Help and clear instructions are appreciated.  Thank you.

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On 2/3/2023 at 4:49 PM, BlastOfBN said:

Have you tried using the “Zoom” feature found under the Layers tab? That allows for tiling a layer’s/canvas’s image.

That does not work. The OP asked for the small image to be tiled multiple times on a larger canvas.

Do this:

1. Open your small image.
2. CTRL+A to select all, then CTRL+C to copy to the clipboard.


3. Create a canvas of your desired size.
4. Effects | Fill | From Clipboard to use BoltBait's plugin to tile the copied image over the canvas.





Alternatively, you can skip steps 1 and 2 by using Effects | Fill | From File at step 4.

You can obtain the plugin from here https://forums.getpaint.net/BoltBaitPluginPack




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A long time ago I wrote a little tiling plugin called Echo. It was part of a set of Stereogram plugins I was developing.


All it did was tile the top left corner across & down.




I didn't release the plugins publicly, however you can find Echo here:



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