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Circle to Square Change

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I have a version of paint.net 5 up from 4.3.12 and somehow the paintbrush option went from a circle to square pixels when zoomed in.  Is there a setting I can adjust to get it back to the circle even at the highest zoom?  In photoshop the caps lock is the adjust but it doesn’t work for this program. Any suggestions?  Ty in advance 

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See this comment https://forums.getpaint.net/topic/121651-brush-size-is-now-smaller-in-50/?do=findComment&comment=604688 and the other messages in that thread.



@Rick Brewster The difference is because PDN4 would effectively use a more square-ish brush at very small sizes, whereas PDN5 does an accurate circle-shaped brush. In a future update I'll be adding more brush shape options.


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