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Color and Black and White - The Pleasantville Effect

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this looks like that effect on tv and in like other things. when it focuses on one character and they tell what they feel like and stuff. but it looks pretty cool on other things too :) .i havent tried it yet but i will when i get some time :D


psn id: R3V-fiR3

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This is my very first time to try and use PND and i am very happy with what i did, i thought it'll be hard for me to do photo editing but look, i know this is nothing compared with your works guys but i am happy with this and now more willing to expand my knowledge... Thanks PND! :wink:


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Good job! & Welcome to the Paint.net (PDN) Forums! There are many tutorials and many Very skilled people who create these (Ash, Pyrochild, Wither, Madjik, TheTh0mas, Tom Jackson... to name a few and of course Rick Brewster).

This is a great place to learn new things and I appreciate all the help from these people and also the many others, not just the tutorials but also with the plug-ins.

Now back on topic.. Good luck to your future tutorials!

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