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Exploding planets

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its ok your sig is good at least its better then mine

You sig is too large, 500x150 max.

Read the rules.

I fixing mine right now, sorry, didn't check the size of my sig before adding it. :lol: It was 512 x 140...

EDIT: I fixed it. It is 500 x 140 px. now. 8) :D


-Xbox LIVE Gamertag: L1ke 20 N1njas

I have switched to a new account:

~L1ke 20 N1njas~

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heres my try:


I tried to follow the directions exactly. I even used the same mud picture.(I did end up adjusting the brightness cus' my monitor displays everything really dark.)

ps. I did try to add a starry background

i found this really cool picture file! its called drivewiper.exe.jpg its almost done loadi

The sentence below is false

The sentence above is true

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Great tutorial! I gave it a try and was pretty satisfied, but I recolored it afterwards. A white exploding/imploding planet was not that good-looking. So now it's green :D


PS. This is first post :) Do you guys know a good site for uploading pictures? :)

EDIT: Never mind, I found out thanks to another tutorial :)

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