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Exploding planets


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hey ppl! look... i'm trying to do my planet and i can't... it doesn't look like your... not even close.

Mine originally turned out something like that as well. I played around with it a little bit and decided to duplicate my planet layer and give it some colour to get rid of the black.

You could also play with the way the layers blend and even the hue, saturation, etc...

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Mine, reduced to avatarish size and background transparent!


And a different one on a background. It's wallpaper size.


They're black and white because both came out in horrible shades whenever I changed hue/sat or curves so... meh. I call it Necromunda.

Watch this space. It will do tricks, sooner or later.

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My perception is that if a planet explodes, chances are that the sun is nearly dead and thus is either expanding (as our sun will do) or is becoming extremely dark (implosion, and what the sun in my picture is doing) casting the planets into an internal freeze.

From our view they'd then be black (or dark). So an explosion (implosion?) from the inside would be the only light visible, and since each planet has a different core (color, size, heat, etc), the color would be unknown, so I made it green since it works well being bright over black.

Yeah word man, ur looks awsome

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