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Exploding planets


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I'm new overhere...

6. Now fill in the blank section with black.

Would someone please show me how to do this? :roll:

Grz Bjarni


get the paint bucket :PaintBucketTool: make sure your primary color is black go over the white section and click

Thanks for helping me, but that does not work.


This is what I get!



Bye Bye PDN!

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9. On the new layer, adjust the blending to Color Burn.

10. Duplicate the image you just did the Color Burn on and adjust the blending to Additive. (You might be able to skip this step if your mud is fairly dark.)

11. Now Merge Layer down (v3.0) so that you only have one layer to work with (You should only have to do it twice)

12. Time for some glow. (Effect -> Glow...) You'll have to adjust the glow depending on the effect you want and the image. You'll need more or less depending on how many cracks your "planet" has.

i dont know how to get from the lines to the planet, can someone help me?


once the page is crumbled up it cant b perfect again-Linkin Park

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