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Exploding planets


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The one where you were playing around looks pretty neat to me. I like it! :)

Thx for the amazing tutorial..... I wanted to put in a face with it so that the face is kinda exploding out of the planet as well. I think it turned out pretty nice:


What do you guys think?


I kept messing with it and I noticed that using Effects --> Sharpen gives it a slightly better look. Kind of a better glow and, well, a sharper look.

Also, I wanted to see what it would look like as an ink sketch and I really liked the result:


Kind of has that comic book look don't ya think?

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Well I tried a bit with colors and different effects.

Here are my results:

This was my first try and I added some colors.


This doesnt look like an planet due to the mud, but because of the effect it still looks nice somehow.


Here I played a bit around with colors and other effects and tried to get lava. (click on the picture for bigger size)


Here I got some lava and gas pouring out. I did that with several layers and cloud effect(click on the picture for bigger size)


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Oh I like that a lot, Atze Peng.

I did something similar but my laptop crashed and I lost it....silly me for not saving! :lol:

Thx but the Rays are improveable. I may will try it again these days. Already got some ideas, to bad the Dent-plugin makes them look less realistic, but the turning of the rays make it look better than without.

Edit: I've tried some stuff, here is the outcome (still improveable):

Any Ideas to improve the Rays? Did it with 2-3 Zoom blured layers and different settings in Dent's plugin and an Cloudlayer with settings 'Overlay'




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Wow! I love this tutorial.

I've spent ages playing around with things...although I need some more practice methinks! :lol:

hearts_dreams - I love the colours in yours! I was aiming for something similar but scrapped it! :lol:

Following instructions:


Playing around:



WoW, they are pretty :P

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Wow..whitetiger. I love your exploding planet. I just joined and have been using pdn for over a year but never thought to come and check this forum out until recently. Very awesome tuts here. I shall post some of the examples i did later. :D


Welcome to my world, along with other disasters.

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First try:


Second try:


Third try:


GREAT tutorial. I just started using Paint.NET yesterday, and the exploding planet was the first thing i've made. Took me a while to firgure out what to do, but I think they came out alright. Still need to practice though :)

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