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Exploding planets


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Heyyy i love this tutorial.Really Clear and easy to follow along with, i only just started using PDN even though iv had it for timelol

heres my tries at it ..

My First Attempt


My Second one


just tell me wot else i could do and ne comments u have, thanks people



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Well, here's my attempt. First, I followed your instructions with the dried mud: (thumbnail; click for larger size):


Then, I took some regular, wet, sloppy mud and followed the same steps: (thumbnail; click for larger size):


So... Is it good? Personally, I like the wet mud better; it makes it look like it just started exploding, rather than the other one that makes it look like it's well-into selfdestructing itself.

Plus, I inverted the colors on my mud, and found this:


Does it NOT look like the arctic?! I'm serious; copy and paste that image and invert the colors: It's MUD! Then, it's SNOW! Weird O.o

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