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gui glitch on UI settings change

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so, got two issues to report, firstly, my colors window briefly went completely transparent today when using the rectangle select tool to set a drawing boundary on something I was working in, when I went to select the pencil tool, after setting the boundary, is when it went completely transparent. subsequent mouse over brought it back to full normal visibility.


second issue, when commanding a manual zoom using ctrl-mouse wheel forward, the zoom slider control/indicator on the bottom right does not move, and on subsequent mouse over, indicates both prior position and current position zoom, with use of the - and + buttons restoring proper function of the ui.


to be clear, these two problems are only happening within the program proper, not in any of the program settings menus.


I am attaching a screenshot of the second problem only, as I have not been able to reproduce the first. now that I'm actually filling out a bug report, I cannot visually reproduce the issue, but will supply a screenshot at my first opportunity to do so. I am attaching my PDN diagnostics log in the meantime.


system specs:

os: windows 10 professional 
version: 22h2
os build: 19045.2486
experience: 120.2212.4190.0
cpu: intel I%-3470
ram: 16gb
storage: 2tb crucial ssd

gpu: zotac 1030gt 2gb gddr5

PDN diagnostics log 01-29-2023.txt

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