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Selecting pixels in a color range

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13 minutes ago, odam said:

bit irrelevant in this topic but is there an easy way to make plugins or does anyone know if theres a plugin that selects all the pixels of a certain range of colours on an image


Plugins cannot create or modify a selection.


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@odam - welcome to the forum!
Your question should really be in the discussions and questions section - or even developer's central if you plan to write your own plug-in.


@null54 is technically correct regarding 'selection', however it is possible to 'detect' pixels within a colour range and set all other pixels to transparent.
There are quite a few plug-ins that can already do this including my own (ancient) Recolour choice

Try searching the plug-in index here: https://forums.getpaint.net/topic/15260-plugin-index/

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3 hours ago, odam said:

is there an easy way to make plugins


Yes, CodeLab. @BoltBait has published quite a few excellent tutorials to get you started.


<I split this out of the paint.net 5.0.1 thread>

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