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Fading / Blending: Gradient tool on a Camaro picture

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Well, i have thi spicture, and i want to fade something into it, i'm totally lost, can someone give me an example and tell how to(If i can)

I feel really stupid, but i joined up like, yesterday.... :SoftenPortrait: So Sorry...

Picture to use:

(Can you also get the halter off)






(If i'm not supposed to post here, then pleas,e forgive me....**sulks**)

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I would like to show you my first "work" done with paint.net which I only downloaded yesterday :wink: --- tataaa:


Guess, next time I should save it with 100% instead of 70 which I did here. ;) Hope you like it.

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Now I know why I was unhappy with my first picture: there was too much color shining through on the right part of the image .. I tried out a few alterations, and I think it's much better now.

Have a look, isn't it?


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